Health benefits of Yoga

Health Benefits of Yoga:

More Flexibility, muscle strength, managing mental stress and even protection from injuries; yoga gives you all of that. Here are a few of the many health benefits of yoga that will convince you to get your yoga mat and start rolling out asap!

1. Muscle Strength

There are numerous poses in Yoga that will help you in increasing muscular strength. Various researches have shown that practicing different types of yoga in combination with other exercises effectively increases endurance and strength.


2. Yoga improves flexibility

If your daily drill includes lifting heavy weights and that too without power yoga, then you might gain strength but at the expense of flexibility. Yoga improves flexibility and mitigates the risk of muscle damage under heavy weight lifting. Therefore, we recommend you to add yoga day to your gym routine.

3. Helps in maintaining metabolism

Different yoga poses have an invigorating effect on endocrine organs and thus yoga can stimulate metabolism.

4. Gives Injury protection

Contumacious chronic pain is very common among people; researchers say that about one in five people suffers from it. Further, it can cause injuries and even joint inflammation. Yoga experts have experimented that different yoga exercises help in reducing different types of chronic pain.

5. Strengthens Spine

Many yoga exercises that are practiced with ropes and belts are specifically designed to build your spine more Rugged and Robust. Consequently, a strong spine will give you the confidence to lift heavy weights without the fear of getting back pain.


6. Lessens joint pains

As we said earlier that yoga improves your flexibility. Those joints that aren’t used normally come into action during yoga. As a result, risk of disability is alleviated.

7. Increases blood flow

Yoga helps in circulating blood in different parts of the body. Many inverted poses such as headstand i.e. standing with heads down encourage blood flow back to the heart from the lower body. Yoga also improves hemoglobin and mitigates the risk of a heart attack.

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8. Fights Depression, Relieves anxiety

Yoga decreases the secretion of a hormone that causes stress and fatigue. Therefore, it helps you to cope with depression and anxiety.

9. Yoga for weight loss:

As we mentioned earlier that yoga improves metabolism. A balanced metabolism helps in weight reduction. It also lowers the sugar-levels of blood.


10. Improves quality of life

From giving you physical strength to letting you slash your stress; yoga really improves the quality of life. To sum up, Yoga has countless health benefits. Researches have also revealed that yoga affects sleep quality in people with insomnia. It protects your heart; makes you feel smarter and stronger and have positive impacts on your sexual life.

If you are a beginner and looking to start yoga. Here you can find a list of yoga poses to get started.

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Health benefits of Yoga

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