How to start working out?

How to start working out?

“To start exercising from scratch, it takes a lot of motivation and energy.” It is common lore that circulates around and it is wholly true. Many people keep asking “how to make up a routine for the gym?”. This article will help you to muster up the courage and the required motivation for exercising and establish a healthy routine.

There are usually two types of people who ask such questions:

1. Those who have never worked out

2. And those who have taken a break from their workout regime

To answer both; we have asked various fitness experts. And with their best fitness tips and your own determination, not only you would be able to muster up the courage, but you will establish a healthy routine and start hitting the gym.

Get up and GO:

First, you need to figure out your present fitness level as it will help you to decide exercises, diet plan and your perfect gym routine based on your strengths and weaknesses. There are different ways to track your fitness level. Many consult a doctor or ask someone who has enriching experience in training. Another reasonable way is getting an activity tracker (aka fitness trackers or fitness bands). There are various activity trackers available in the market that will not only help you to track your running, sleeping and heart rate, but they also come with an android/iOS application to keep a record of your activities.

To put it briefly, if you are positively up for a strong come back, we recommend you buy a fitness tracker as they will be functioning when you are running, swimming, gyming, cycling, hiking and even sleeping.

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Move Slow and Steady:

Now that you have made your mind, we want you to stay calm and start small. As you have never ever worked towards your fitness or you are on a long break from old drill you may not be able to lift the same weight or complete the same running distance as you were hitting before. 

Put on your activity tracker and start with running a mile or even less. You can even start with 1000 or 2000 steps each day. Don’t panic if you couldn’t pull off these targets, remember it’s your first day and every movement you make will be a step towards your fitness. The only commitment you should make is that you will keep increasing this distance every day no matter what was your distance on day one. This devotion will beat the funk out of you.

Add-ons that will keep you motivated:

Last but not least, you need to figure out ways that will help you stay motivated for the “Next Day”. 

Many people feel shy about exercising in front of others. Even when I started running, I specifically picked the early morning time as I didn’t want anyone to see while I was running. Because when you start exercising, there is an inside fear of looking klutzy and we need to lay off all the faux angst to keep moving forward. 

Hmm……you might have guessed. I am going to talk about the importance of sportswear. When it comes to working out, clothing does affect your performance and confidence.

While keeping your performance up to mark during intense exercising, high-quality clothes are the key. We are really not emphasizing to go crazy here but sweat-wicking and smelly clothes are not an option.

Further, an aesthetic sporty look will make you feel confident. As clothing affects mental health and contributes positively to your performance and confidence, you should be more acquiescent when investing in your exercise kit. To cut a long story short, we recommend you to get a complete gym kit including an activity tracker, high fabric clothes and other necessary accessories.

You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.

— Edith Head.
How to start working out?

Do you have a point there?

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